Alianza por el Hidrógeno de Costa Rica

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Costa Rican Hydrogen Alliance

United for the decarbonization of the economy

In 2019, as part of the BID Lab project ATN/ME-16972, ‘Path to Decarbonization: Promoting the Hydrogen Economy in Costa Rica,’ the Costa Rican Hydrogen Alliance was established. Initially driven by various private stakeholders interested in fostering the hydrogen ecosystem in Costa Rica as a sustainable energy storage medium for transportation and industrial applications, the Alliance aims to contribute to the country’s efforts towards economic decarbonization.

The primary goal of the Alliance is to become a coordination mechanism for the hydrogen ecosystem, positioning itself as a facilitator of the energy transition and advocating for sector support schemes and the adoption of public policies.

As an organization, the Alliance seeks high-level technical expertise to quantify the impacts and benefits of hydrogen in the country, as well as to develop proposals for regulatory frameworks that facilitate the development of the hydrogen market.


  • We drive the adoption of public policies that contribute to the development of hydrogen in the country. These policies are aimed at reducing the regulatory and financial barriers faced by projects today.
  • We develop innovative business models through public-private or private-private partnerships among members.
  • We support in obtaining concessional funds and the development of technical cooperation programs.
  • We share knowledge related to green hydrogen through events, the preparation of studies, and the generation of educational materials.

Comparative studies on electric mobility technologies, benefits of hydrogen for Costa Rica, and the state of hydrogen in Latin America.

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