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Study “Renewable Hydrogen in Latin America & The Caribean: Opportunities, Challenges and Pathways”

The Association of Green Hydrogen Associations of Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico, and Peru, LAC Green Hydrogen Action, has prepared the document ‘Renewable Hydrogen in Latin America & The Caribbean: Opportunities, Challenges, and Pathways’ to understand the progress of the green hydrogen industry in the Latin American region.

The report identifies around 140 publicly announced projects in the region, in various stages of development, aiming to generate H2V and derived products for different end uses such as transportation, blending, heat generation, raw materials, carrier, and use in industrial processes (mining, steel, among others).

Additionally, it provides an updated view and context of the analyzed countries, their potential for industry development, and the strategies and public policies to promote the deployment of the sector.

The document can be accessed at the following link.



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